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~Keep Dreaming and Keep Living~


Right now, TVXQ / DBSK (whatever name makes you happy :D) is my current obsession at the moment ^^ And I gotta say, they are THE BEST!

Hmm. I'm not much of a writer, more like a reader ya know? Ahaha, but if I'm inspired enough, I'll definately write something for y'all!

I like Yunjae / Jaeho if anyone wants to know XD Sometimes I forget that most of the stuff they do together is fanservice; there was a time when I thought that they were 'together' for real O.o Just goes to show that their relationship seems the most real out of TVXQ / DBSK ^^

If anyone has any requests for a fanfic of some sorts for their video or anything, I'll try my best to meet those requests :) Although, I can't promise you anything since I am more or less busy most of the time. But hey, you never know ;)

I hope to meet lots of fantastic writers and friendly readers out here in LJ ^^ Feel free to add me as a friend if you like any of my stories; seriously, you have no idea how happy I get whenever someone does that XD

Ok, enough of my blabbering. I shall 'see' you guys soon!

Much love <3

big bang, comedies, dbsk / tvxq, fanfiction (does that count?), harry potter, music!!!, tv, video games